QwAnalysis: the Qweak Analysis Framework

Welcome to the Qweak analysis framework documentation

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Components in the analysis software

The Qweak analyzer framework consists of several components:

  • QwAnalysis includes general analysis classes used by all packages listed below.
  • QwParity includes all instrumentation classes for parity analysis.
  • QwTracking includes all classes for tracking analysis.
  • QwGUIMain includes all classes for the analysis GUI front-end.

Structure of the analysis software

All subsystems in the Qweak analyzer inherit from a single virtual base class VQwSubsystem. The next level of detail is implemented as the base subsystems for parity and tracking: VQwSubsystemParity and VQwSubsystemTracking. Finally, these are the base subsystems that the specific subsystems (such as QwBeamLine or QwDriftChamber) inherit from, depending on what functionality they need to have. Some subsystems (such as QwScanner) inherit from both base subsystems.

This global inheritance structure is represented in the following graph:

The GUI front-end QwGUIMain is relatively independent from the other components in the Qweak analysis framework.

Tutorial on using the Qweak analysis framework

In this section we will put tutorials for the different components of the Qweak analysis framework. They are organized according to the two main types of analysis.

For the Qweak tracking analysis the following pages are available: