QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation Class Reference

Parameterisation of the VDC Drift Cell locations. More...

#include <QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation.hh>

Inherits G4VPVParameterisation.

Public Member Functions

 QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation (G4int NumberOfDriftCells, G4double SpacingInX)
virtual ~QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation ()
void ComputeTransformation (const G4int copyNo, G4VPhysicalVolume *physVol) const

Private Attributes

G4int myNumberOfDriftCells
G4double mySpacingInX

Detailed Description

Parameterisation of the VDC Drift Cell locations.

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Definition at line 58 of file QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation::QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation ( G4int  NumberOfDriftCells,
G4double  SpacingInX 
QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation::~QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation ( )

Definition at line 53 of file QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation.cc.

54 {}

Member Function Documentation

void QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation::ComputeTransformation ( const G4int  copyNo,
G4VPhysicalVolume *  physVol 
) const

Definition at line 58 of file QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation.cc.

References myNumberOfDriftCells, and mySpacingInX.

59 {
60  // assuming ODD numbers of drift cells, because then we have
61  // a wire going through the center of the wire plane
63  G4double Xposition = (-0.5*(myNumberOfDriftCells - 1))*mySpacingInX + (copyNo * mySpacingInX);
65  G4ThreeVector origin(Xposition,0,0);
66  physVol->SetTranslation(origin);
67  physVol->SetRotation(0);
69 }

Field Documentation

G4int QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation::myNumberOfDriftCells
G4double QweakSimVDC_DriftCellParameterisation::mySpacingInX

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